Decentralising the Gaming Industry

The Problem

Game Developers

Revenues are being squeezed whilst User Acquisition Cost is going up

  • 30% fee on all in-game sales go to market places (Apple, Google, Steam etc)
  • Move to Freemium model increases risk
  • Growth in Game releases increases User Acquisition Cost
  • Google, Apple and Steam control distribution


Players don’t own in-game assets and get value stranded

  • In-game items still owned by game- if player loses access to account, they lose all previous purchases
  • Players buy different in-game currency for each game and cannot withdraw it or transfer to another game
  • No secure way of inter player value transfer

Existing Ecosystem

Total Global Video Games Revenue, by Segment (US$bn)

Note: 2021 is the latest available data, 2022-2026 values are forecasts
Source: PwC’s Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2022-2026, Omdia


the average game player age


In-Game purchases


The Solution

The POG Wallet & Token

  • Single universal in-game currency that can be spent in all supported games and owned by the player
  • Universal wallet that holds POG tokens and in-game assets- Provides Custody of in-game assets for player
  • Single Sign On makes it seemless to move between games
  • 80% reduction in transaction fees for Developers
  • Players aggregated in one place making marketing of new games easier and cheaper
  • Marketplace provides decentralised distribution platform for games

Product Suite

POG Ecosystem

Proof of Concept

Login Details:
U: pduaik
P: Fruitlab2023!

The Team


Adam Evans

A seasoned business management and sales professional with 25+ years international experience across a wide range of industries including AI, Mobile and AdTech.


Persis Duaik

A Full Stack developer with over 20 years experience working across AI, Blockchain and Game Development. Winner of E3 Award for his development of the first Xbox One title developed in Brazil.

Exited Founder

Ben Hugo

A serial Entrepreneur and exited Founder. Founded and scaled Fruitlab, a Web3 Gaming content platform with 850k users. Experience in Blockchain, Gaming, AI and Social Media covering both B2B and B2C

Lead Developer

Ramshad E.I

PHP Web Application Developer and Software Engineer in System Analysis, Design, Development and Implementation of various Client/Server, Web-based applications. Experience on Web Technologies using PHP , HTML, JavaScript, CSS and XML on windows and Linux based operating systems. Skills:- PHP, Python, HTML, Laravel, Django, CSS, MySQL, Javascript


Charlotte Moss

An experienced marketing professional with a strong background in Social Media and community building across a number of different sectors.


John Matthews

Based in the US where he is Managing Director and Digital Media, Software (mostly SaaS), and Digital Transformation Services M&A advisor with NYC headquartered investment bank Oaklins DeSilva and Philips (ODP) since 2010. This has included working on several successful international cross border M&A digital marketing and enterprise software deals.


John Smith

In-house development team consisting of one Front end developer who is responsible for managing connections with other platforms through connection of APIs and the development of website and app functionality.


John Smith

One Back end developer who is focused on the creation and testing of smart contracts along with design and maintenance of all database systems.